"A surprisingly good-natured but thorough adaptation of what may turn out to be the most astounding story of American corruption in plain sight ever told."

"This is a comic that needed to be done now rather than later."

"Slate has provided something that is half-public service, half-wild ride, both crucial and rollicking."

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"Why Artist Barbara Slate Made A Graphic Novel Edition Of The Mueller Report"
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"I thought this was very well done - it took the heavy legalese of the Mueller Report (a legal document - NOT a partisan document) and synthesized into a comprehensible and visually pleasurable format. I hope if a 2nd edition comes out they cite the sections where the text comes from. Without the citations, you will continue to get some reviewers who clearly did NOT read the Mueller Report claiming it is biased. Well done! I'm looking forward to the upcoming volumes. More Americans need to be aware of how intensely the Russians tried and are continually trying to interfere with our political system."
                    Tamara Fultz, Museum Librarian, Verified Purchase review on Amazon Kindle Edition

"Absolutely brilliant." "Fantastic work." "Love this!"  "Genius!!!!" "This is amazing."
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